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Sommersemester 2021



Reza Salkhordehhaghighi

Kurzname: 08.079.095
Kursnummer: 08.079.095


The storage subsystem determines the overall performance in most computer systems. It is responsible for storing user data (whether it is your personal photos or a bank database) and hence, is of great importance in both personal and enterprise systems. In this course, the fundamentals of this subsystem are presented, following state-of-the-art architectures employed in current storage systems. This can open many academic and industry opportunities in the fields of storage, HPC and database.
The storage system course will cover (1) storage devices, ranging from HDDs to SSDs, as well as emerging non-volatile memory devices, (2) I/O stack layers, (3) local, user-level, and distributed file systems, (4) storage systems architecture, (5) evaluation metrics for storage systems (performance, reliability, availability, TCO, ...), and (6) advanced storage functionalities (snapshot, deduplication, replication, tiering, ...).


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Semester: SoSe 2021