Letztes Semester

Wintersemester 2019/20


Paralleles Rechnen Seminar

Univ-Prof. Dr. Bertil Schmidt

Kurzname: 08.079.590
Kursnummer: 08.079.590



E-Mail mit 2 bevorzugten Themen bis spätestens 12.7.2019 an Prof. Dr. Bertil Schmidt schicken.
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  • Accelerating Reduction and Scan Using Tensor Core Units
  • diBELLA: Distributed Long Read to Long Read Alignment
  • Performance extraction and suitability analysis of multi- and many-core architectures for next generation sequencing secondary analysis
  • Adaptive Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on the GPU
  • GPU-Accelerated Large-Scale Genome Assembly
  • Hardware-conscious Hash-Joins on GPUs
  • Harnessing GPU tensor cores for fast FP16 arithmetic to speed up mixed-precision iterative refinement solvers
  • GRASShopPER—An algorithm for de novo assembly based on GPU alignments
  • Exascale Deep Learning for Climate Analytics
  • Efficient Architecture-Aware Acceleration of BWA-MEM for Multicore Systems
  • A Modular Benchmarking Infrastructure for High-Performance and Reproducible Deep Learning
  • UPC++: A High-Performance Communication Framework for Asynchronous Computation
  • Large-Scale Hierarchical k-means for Heterogeneous Many-Core Supercomputers
  • A Framework for the Automatic Vectorization of Parallel Sort on x86-based Processors
  • Selber vorgeschlagenes Thema (muss aber von mir genehmigt werden)

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Semester: WiSe 2019/20